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Last month we highlighted our commitment to becoming a leading name within sustainable luxury fragrance. While we covered our practices that work to ensure THE 5TH’s olfactory scent is formulated to be both safe and good for the environment, this month is all about our creative sustainable ideas for: bottle design, packaging and the customer journey.


  • Paper stickers and material labels on fragrance bottles are a thing of the past. Over time these accumulate dirt and no longer appear as they were initially designed or intended. This encourages people to buy a completely new bottle once the fragrance has been used and proceed to throw out the old.

  • Instead, we are opting to screen-print directly on to the bottle to ensure a clean, minimal and long lasting design. The natural transparency of the glass bottle will also allow your fragrance to blend with the colours of the environment it’s placed within.

  • Lastly, we want to create a bold, yet understated and timeless bottle that will fit seamlessly into, and compliment, any room or environment. Even if you don’t opt to refill your bottle with fragrance, we hope you will find alternative creative uses, furthering our ambition to intertwine art, design and fragrance.


  • We aim to ensure the materials and inks used across our packaging is sourced sustainably, biodegradable and non-toxic. It is important we start as we mean to go on and thus intend to invest early in environmentally friendly resources and operations.

  • Also, we have decided to step away from the common practice within the luxury fragrance industry of using plastic wrap to complete product packaging. We hope to join those businesses leading the way in re-imagining what it takes to create luxury, simultaneously eliminating unnecessary waste and damage to the environment.

  • Our mission to be environmentally sustainable will extend not only to our formula and product packaging, but also to our promotional material and methods, which increasingly are significant sources of excess waste in the current social media/influencer marketing model. Bigger is not always better, and so again, we hope to re-frame what it takes to market a quality product, without contributing to the negative and harmful impact we as a society have already imposed on the natural environment.


  • One of the first sustainable business strategies we were adamant we wanted to adopt was a bottle refill service. This will allow you to return your empty fragrance bottle to us, to be refilled at a lower price point than it is when buying THE 5TH fragrance for the first time. This enables us to promote the recycling of our materials and reduce waste. Unfortunately for purely logistical reasons and as a small start-up we are unable to offer this service from launch, but encourage all those that buy a fragrance from THE 5TH to keep hold of their bottle, as we hope in the not-too-distant future we will be able to offer our fragrance bottle refill service.

  • As THE 5TH grows and we expand our collection of fragrances, we hope to create a ’try-before-you-buy scheme’, offering a discovery set containing small sample bottles of our range of scents for a marginal price, allowing you to explore the scents before committing to the purchase of a full-size bottle. We will then deduct the cost of the discovery set from your next purchase of a full sized bottle. This will enhance your journey with THE 5TH, enabling a full sensory experience, whilst allowing you to be more flexible and economical with your choices. Gifting any spare fragrance samples, that you do not select as your first preference, to friends and family is encouraged (if you can bare to see them go!).

The above creative sustainable intentions in no way form a comprehensive list that allow us to fully meet our objective of being considered a socially responsible brand, but it’s a start. Join us in promoting the idea that a luxury lifestyle and quality product does not have to be synonymous with excess and ignorance to the world we inhabit.

See you on THE 5TH.

H & G


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