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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                

Whether you’re treating someone you love this Valentine’s Day, or you’re due a bit of self-love*** (and you probably are - none of us do it enough), we have you covered.

We have curated the ultimate playlist to accompany our signature fine fragrance, DŪMBO. Together, they create the space for an elevated, visceral experience designed to arouse your senses and shape a memorable moment for yourself or someone you may want to share it with.

We have spoken before about scent memories and how you can design and create your own scent memories. Do you want to create a moment that you can transport yourself back to at any given moment? Here’s how...

With a new fragrance - one you’ve not used before or become accustomed to - spray your skin, hair and clothes as you usually would (perhaps give your loved one a spray too). Have our playlist on. Next, be present. Put your phone away. Give your full attention to whatever you may be doing. Whether you’re staying in and have a date with Netflix, out for dinner, or on a walk - be present. Most of us do not do this nearly enough. It is the most effective way to create a memorable moment.

Appreciate what you have in that moment. Companionship, independence, freedom, love (for another or yourself). Whilst Valentine's Day is commonly a time to express love for another, we urge you to take the time to appreciate and love yourself.

*** Studies show that the love that leads to the purest form of happiness, is self-love ***

At this point, you'll be deep into the process of creating the foundations of your scent memory. Olfaction (your sense of smell) is the only sense you have that is connected to the emotional part of your brain. As a result, your memory recall is incredibly powerful when a memory has a scent attached to it.

Your brain will learn to associate your new scent with those feelings of love and gratitude and memories of the moments that created them. Then every time you want to be transported back to those moments, spray your fragrance, and you'll be amazed at what your brain is capable of (and don't forget to put on your playlist for the full immersive experience).

Happy Valentines.

P.S One last reminder..

Valentine’s is not just for couples ***

P.P.S If you're still reading this, you're the best - so here's 20% off until 19.02.22 with code WELOVEYOU20. Click here to shop.

See you on THE 5TH,


Firstly, Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. We hope you have a year full of new adventures and good fortune. 2022 is going to be a good one.

As we enter 2022 we are looking ahead to new things for THE 5TH; from new fragrances, diversifying our product range, to collaborations and more.

Since your opinion, as a member of our community, is so important to us, we would like to find out directly from you what you would like to see from THE 5TH this year and beyond.

We have 10 short, easy questions for you, that we would love you to answer. It will help us more than you know and should take no more than 2 minutes of your time.

You can either answer these questions by clicking here or you can head over to our instagram stories for the next 24 hours @the5thfragrances (alternatively feel free to email any thoughts to us at


1. What product would you be most excited to see next from us?

  • A: Another personal fragrance

  • B: Candles

  • C: Home Diffusers

  • D: Other

Answer here

2. What type of scents would you like to see from us?

  • A: Citrus

  • B: Floral

  • C: Woody

  • D: Spicy

  • E: Fresh

  • F: Other

Answer here

3. Would you prefer to have a range of sizes available for our fragrances in addition to our full size 50ml bottle?

  • A: 30ml

  • B: 10ml

  • C: No I would only purchase the full size bottle

  • D: Other

Answer here

4: How do you prefer to try a new fragrance?

  • A: Spray in-store

  • B: Try a sample at home

  • C: Read a description online and make a judgement from that

  • E: Other

Answer here

5. What is your preferred fragrance brand (excl. THE 5TH)?

6. How often do you purchase a new fragrance?

  • A: Once a year

  • B: 2-4 times a year

  • C: 4+ times a year

  • D: Never, I usually get them as gifts on special occasions

  • E: Other

Answer here

7. When purchasing a candle, what's more important to you?

A: Scent

B: Aesthetic

C: Brand name

D: Price

E: Other

Answer here

8. What price point are you comfortable to pay for a luxury quality, medium sized candle (approx. 190g)?

A: £20-£30

B: £31-£40

C: £41-£50

D: £51-£60

E: £60+

Answer here

9. How did you hear about THE 5TH?

  • A: Instagram

  • B: Facebook

  • C: Google

  • D: Friend or family member

  • E: At an event

  • F: Other

Answer here

10. What is your age?

  • A: Under 21

  • B: 21-28

  • C: 29-35

  • D: 36-45

  • E: 46-55

  • F: 56-65

  • G: 65 and above

Thank you in advance for your time. We are truly grateful for your continued support and love having you as part of THE 5TH community. If there is anything else you want to add, we would love to hear from you. Send us a message on instagram @the5thfragrances or email us at

Here's to 2022.

See you on THE 5TH.

H & G

Not only does shopping from independent businesses mean your gifts are going to be more unique, meaningful and considered, but they are also often more sustainable and of a higher quality. It is also guaranteed to mean an awful lot more to small business owners than it does to the retail giants, making you feel good about your purchases too. It's a win-win-win-win type situation.

We have put together a few of our favourite independent businesses for you to support and shop from this Christmas.

1. THE 5TH

At THE 5TH, we are a fine fragrance house creating unique personal fragrances with sustainability and clean beauty in mind. Our debut scent DŪMBO is paraben free, phthalate free and vegan and our packaging is either 100% plastic free, recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.

The best part about it is that it's a risk free gift. Each bottle comes with a free sample for your loved one's to try. If it's not for them, just send us the full sized bottle back for a refund.

Looking for a stocking filler? Our 2ml sample bottles are individually boxed and create the perfect gift for just £3.

We also offer free shipping on all orders.

2. Lofty Box

We recently discovered Lofty Box and love what they are doing. Their monthly subscription boxes help to save past dated stock from being thrown away with a curated selection of different products from other small sustainable brands and ship them straight to your (or your loved ones) door.

The contents of the box change each month with a mix of food, drink, health and beauty products.

It's a great way to explore brands you may not know about and it's always nice to get surprise products through your door each month.

From as little as £8 you can treat your loved ones to a Lofty Box.

3. FJE Design

We met the lovely Eliza at a market for independent artists and makers and we saw first hand how amazing her hand-crafted jewellery is.

She has a wide selection of pieces available in both gold and silver from rings, to necklaces, earrings and earcuffs.

Each piece is made by Eliza in-between studying for her university degree and she ensures her materials are all ethically and sustainably sourced.

The focus is on slow fashion and Eliza's jewellery is designed to be timeless, 'making the classical contemporary'.

The perfect unique gifts for your loved ones.


Candles are the perfect gift to give your loved ones, especially during the winter months. They add luxury to the home and promote a little rest and relaxation.

ŚURŪ candles offer exactly that, with a sleek luxurious design and a burn time of 60 hours!

They have a choice of thoughtfully crafted scents inspired by the founders' roots in Punjab, including a brand new release.

With sustainability in mind their candles are made in small batches from a 100% natural wax blend and are packaged with dissolvable protective peanuts.

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) this Christmas.

5. FLO London

From homeware, to clothing accessories and tote bags, FLO London have a collection of unique and colourful pieces.

Each item is made from Ahwenepa Nkasa fabric and handmade in Ghana.

As if that wasn't enough, FLO London (For the Love Of London) also have a great online publication sharing all things to do, see, eat and drink in London.

There is something for everyone with such a diverse range of products, colours and patterns, you won't struggle to find Christmas gifts with FLO London.

We are confident you'll love these independent businesses as much as we do and that your gifts will not only stand out, but help out the planet too. Shopping small is big.

Happy Holidays!

See you on THE 5TH,

H & G

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