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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                 FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS                                                                


Following the theme of last months post, we wanted to share a little more about ourselves, as founders of THE 5TH, and what it is that led us on this adventure. 

Unlike George, I do not have synesthesia. As you can imagine, it has led to some interesting conversations. For example, I wanted to name the company The Fifth (as opposed to the numerical ‘5TH’). Why didn’t we? Well, the word ‘Fifth’ was ‘too brown’ to George. Ermmm…. Huh? (see last months blog post). I must add however, that I have since spent a long time researching his synesthesia and am completely fascinated by it, and truly believe his heightened sensory associations have helped us to become the brand we are. That doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating at times though, if only you knew how many ideas we have had to veto because they are ’too green’!

My story is perhaps a little less magical; I do not have the heightened sensory associations George has through his synesthesia. Instead, it was actually my love for interior design that led me on this path. When traveling for work I would often stay in a particular hotel in Toronto, Canada. I loved walking into the lobby with its wood paneled walls, unique glass chandelier and velvet blue armchairs. I could never explain why I loved it so much but it gave me an overwhelming feeling of comfort and awe and energy. I have always loved interior design. When living in my childhood home I once asked my mum if I could give the house a ‘makeover’. I think she expected a few new cushions but by the time she returned from work I had ripped up the carpet, and with the help of a Youtube tutorial and my grandfathers electric saw, had laid completely new wood flooring and changed all of the furniture. After she recovered from the unexpected hit to her credit card, she loved it. Because of this passion of mine, I knew it was the design of the hotel lobby that was a big part of the appeal for me, but there was something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

About my third time visiting the hotel, something was different. The interior design had not changed, I was still in awe of it, but it didn’t have quite the same appeal to me. I later found out that the vents they use to diffuse the hotels bespoke signature scent had broken. It was then that I realised the magic of that hotel lobby for me was not just the design, but the combination of design with fragrance. After learning how closely scent and fragrance could work with interior design, I realised George and I may be able to combine our interests, and a year later we founded THE 5TH.

As you know, at THE 5TH fragrances we are currently focusing on designing personal fragrance. We felt it was important to master each of our interests in turn, and it is a far more complex, intricate and stringent design process when creating fragrance that is safe to wear on the skin. In having to learn and comply with this more comprehensive list of rules and regulations (in comparison to home fragrance) we knew this initial focus would give us the strongest foundational knowledge of the fragrance industry, which we could build on to branch into home fragrance in the future. 

That is not to say interior design does not remain an integral focus and inspiration for our work. Through our social media we continue to showcase unique works of art and design which we feel represent the essence of our signature scent creation. By combining both of our stories we will to continue to build a brand that uses design to compliment fragrance and heighten the experience of our scents. 

See you on THE 5TH.



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